ATMoB New Observatory Dome

July 15th, 2012


Fringes and Masks

February 20th, 2012

I’ve just left the Florida Fringe Festival, 2012 held in Central Florida, just a stone’s throw from the Kennedy Space Center. While the headline might make you think otherwise, the masks are used to measure a telescope mirror’s parabolic curve with a Foucault test, while the fringes are actually interference patterns used to determine surface and curve accuracy in a test rig called a Bath Interferometer.


Wonderful video –¬†Video: Keck in Motion | W. M. Keck Observatory.


Gone with the grind; RIT student puts new spin on telescope mirrors – RIT News.


Long time coming…

February 8th, 2012

Fringe (TV series)
OK, OK, my dedicated readers keep bugging me about this stagnant blog. It’s been tough ya know, juggling a new job and all, but here’s the scoop; next week I’m heading to the Florida Fringe Festival (F3), a weekend telescope makers’ get-together an hour north of Cape Canaveral. I’m planning on submitting an article on F3 for Sky & Telescope, so I’ll be in the writing mood, with ¬†plenty of pictures and stories to share. Please stay tuned…

Mike Lockwood, Dave Davis, John Pratt & Andrew Aurigema second row ( in front ). Russ Jacoy is taking the pic. The gang took a well deserved break having just finished building up the little polishing machine (seen center) at FFF ’10.



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